Isaac Akanmu

Writer & more



- not belonging anywhere, Bottlecap Press, 2022

Selected Poems

- the news called our baby brother a man last night, Alternating Current Press, forthcoming
- three poems, The Hellebore, forthcoming
- starbury, Jellyfish Review, 2022
- comic relief, Ekstasis Magazine, 2022
- raptors, Olney Magazine, 2022[1]
- three poems, Posit Journal, 2022
- cavaliers, cool rock repository, 2022
- spongebob's golden shovel, OROTONE Journal, 2022
- snakeskin boots, Rejection Letters, 2022
- fall collection, Ekstasis Magazine, 2022
- fur mink, Ekstasis Magazine, 2022
- mavericks, Lammergeier Magazine, 2021
- HOME, Encounters Magazine, 2019
- four poems, Encounters Magazine, Spring 2019[1]
- One Day, Encounters Magazine, Fall 2018[1]
[1] print only


Selected Poetry Films

Objective: Beyond simply adding visuals to words, the objective of these films was to fuse poetry and filmmaking to create an impact unachievable by the mediums alone.
Role: Wrote, Directed, Filmed, Edited.
Tools: Final Cut Pro X, HitFilm Express, Sony a6000, Free Stock Footage.

Aida | "We Know" Ad Campaign

Objective: Aida is a fictitious company created in a graduate-level E-Business Strategy and Innovation course. Aida's mission is to empower adults with learning and attention issues through reading and writing assistance and support. The objective of the ad campaign was to drive home the brand's personality of empowerment, empathy, and creativity in our final presentation.
Role: Ideated, Wrote, Edited.
Tools: Final Cut Pro X, Free Stock Footage.

Baruch Leadership Academy | Social Media Marketing

Objective: Baruch Leadership Academy is a pre-professional summer program for high school students in the heart of New York City. While working in the Baruch College Admissions Office, I was tasked with generating excitement and encouraging applications for the upcoming Academy class.
Role: Directed, Filmed, Edited.
Tools: Final Cut Pro X, Sony a6000, Previously Recorded Footage.

Goke Food Pantry | Informational Video

Objective: The mission of the Goke Food Pantry (GFP) is to ensure that the hungry in our community have easy access to nutritious meals for a better, healthier life. As GFP was recreating their website, I was commissioned to create a video describing the pantry's history, mission, and vision for its about page.
Role: Filmed, Edited.
Tools: Final Cut Pro X, Sony a6000.

NABA - Baruch Chapter | Black & Co. Documentary

Objective: The National Association of Black Accountants Baruch College Chapter (NABA) is a student organization dedicated to bridging the opportunity gap for Black accounting and finance professionals at the university level. In conjunction with the event's theme, I was trusted to create a video celebrating and supporting Black-owned businesses at the organization's annual Alumni Dinner.
Role: Directed, Filmed, Edited.
Tools: Final Cut Pro X, Sony a6000.

Abe Akanmu | Personal Branding Videos

Objective: As the go-to video creator for Abe, the objective is to capture events and the professionalism of his brand by editing already captured video or delivering a project from start to finish. More video edits are available on Abe's Instagram profile and YouTube channel.
Role: Filmed, Edited.
Tools: Final Cut Pro X, Sony a6000, Cell Phone Camera.


Isaac Akanmu is a Nigerian American from Staten Island, NY. His poetry chapbook, not belonging anywhere, is available with Bottlecap Press (2022). Isaac's poetry appears in Posit Journal, Olney Magazine, Rejection Letters, and more. His poetry films have appeared at the 12th Annual CUNY Film Festival and on BronxNet television. He lives in Charlotte, NC. Find Isaac on Instagram and Twitter (@insteadofisaac).